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Barrier Force™ protective barriers are designed for rapid and low-cost deployment for floodwater control, mudslide prevention, erosion control, and infrastructure protection. The continuous cellular barrier contains pentagon-shaped vertical bags that are connected side by side like an accordion, typically in 100-foot segments; they are as tall as 6 feet and can go up to any height when stacked. Each segment comprises 34 common-partitioned bags, linked together to create barriers of any length, from 100 feet to many miles. Once they have been linked together, the segments are filled with one of a multitude of products, such as sand, river silt, gravel, crushed stone, or concrete. 

Installation of Barrier Force segments is simple when using a Man Portable Deployment Unit (MPDU) along with an excavator or front-end loader to fill each bag with sand, dirt, or other recommended material. The deployment units are removed immediately after filling and leapfrogged ahead to the next set of cells, where the process is repeated for whatever continuous length is required. A four-person team with one skid steer can set up 1,000-foot barriers in ten hours with a process that is less labor-intensive and cost-intensive than traditional sandbags.

Barrier Force™ protective barriers use a set of pentagonal cells attached to each other in hundred-foot chains. Because the cells are connected to each other with a flexible wall, the fill media forms a solid barrier as the two sides conform to the common wall. This connection also forces the rising water to move the entire chain rather than allowing it to dislodge a single cell. Because each cell’s weight is more than twice the pressure of the water pushing against it, moving the chain is virtually impossible.

The inherent flexibility allows the Barrier Force™ system to conform to your project’s specific needs. We currently produce Barrier Force™ protective barriers in 2, 4, and 6-foot heights, with lower heights that decrease installation time and require less fill media.

The pentagonal shape of our product offers several advantages. The angled section allows each cell to hold more fill media while increasing the surface area of the base, which increases friction through more ground contact. With an increased base-to-height ratio to eliminate tipping, the toe of the Barrier Force™ barrier allows for easier, more consistent filling. An additional benefit comes when the angled section is positioned facing the water, allowing the weight of the water on the section to add to the barrier’s stability.

The Barrier Force™ system was designed from the ground up to be a strong, stable, rapidly deployable flood barrier that can be installed with limited manpower to offer communities flood protection. To learn more about our unique system, contact us today. 


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