Infrastructure Protection

Barrier Force - Flood-Control photo

With the ability to be installed rapidly and easily, Barrier Force™ protective barriers are quite effective when used for infrastructure flood protection, whether it be for electric, gas, water, water treatment, or mass transit applications. 

Our pentagon-shaped bags are made of a high-strength textile material and are connected side by side like an accordion, making them easily collapsible for storage. Deployment can be permanent or temporary and has been proven effective for infrastructure protection.

Barrier Force infrastructure protection barriers have a smaller foot print than sandbag barrier making it ideal for protecting infrastructure in crowded urban or suburban areas. Since our barriers can be rapidly installed by a small team, you can cover your infrastructure protection needs quickly, in multiple areas with small teams. If necessary, the protective barriers can be installed with a gap for facility access until the flooding is eminent, and then the final section can be filled and closed.