Our History

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In June 2014, after four successful years as co-inventors and foundational partners with TrapBag®, AmeriGlobe, LLC announced its exit from the partnership. In the four years as partners in TrapBag®, we realized significant growth, product development, and most of all, deployed miles of barriers to protect communities and the critical infrastructure.

During our participation in the partnership, we developed and jointly patented several innovative product designs, established a global marketing footprint and developed multiple new applications for flexible barriers.

The partnership was originally created to offer a solution to the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Our focus was to design a barrier that could “trap” the oil in coastal Louisiana before it impacted the beaches and sensitive wetlands. As we were in the final stages of product development, the Midwest USA was impacted by significant river flooding caused by rapid snow melt.

The partnership quickly mobilized a team from AmeriGlobe, LLC to support local communities’ flood fighting efforts by deploying miles of flood mitigation barriers during that flood season, TrapBag® helped protect communities, schools, businesses and highways by deploying twenty-six miles of barrier from North Dakota to Louisiana.

In 2011, Super Storm Sandy’s impact on New York and New Jersey caused significant damage to the region’s protective dune structures, utilities and transportation infrastructure. The partnership was called into action to rebuild coastal dunes, harden utility sites and protect the transportation infrastructure. Under the guidance of the USACE New York District, the New York City Parks Department and local municipalities, the partnership deployed more than fifty miles of protective barriers in the region.

Many of the photos that you see on the website were taken during the term of the past TrapBag® partnership and show the innovative products in action.

The New Company

AmeriGlobe, LLC launched the Barrier Force® division in July 2014 to continue its focus to serve the global barrier market. Our team’s energies continue to focus on impacting the flood, dune restoration and infrastructure protection markets while developing new products to meet the markets’ stringent environmental, performance and economic requirements. We will continue to develop and introduce new products into the market.

Barrier Force® will continue to inventory our product in multiple distribution centers around the globe to provide true rapid deployment for emergency applications. Our technical services team, which was previously part of the TrapBag® partnership, remains ready to support your design and emergency deployment needs.

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