Barrier Force - DuneCore photo

Coastal erosion due to rising sea levels, tropical weather events, and northeasters is continuing to impact natural protective coastal dunes. 

Erosion of these dunes has caused significant property damage and loss of life in multiple locations around the globe. Re-nourishment of beach and dune structures without an engineered core has only seen limited success and only acts as a temporary solution to protecting coastal property and communities.

The Barrier Force™-engineered Dune Core dune reinforcement system is a subsurface or surface structure that gives significant hardening and resilience to a protective dune. This is achieved through the engineering of DuneCore with multiple Barrier Force™ barriers placed linearly, giving the dune significant mass and eliminating the risk of liquefaction. Constructed in single or double layers, the Barrier Force™ Dune Core is subsequently covered with sand to give a finished design and natural look.

The Dune Core system has a combination of highly resilient fabric to resist damage and a lack of metallic components to eliminate corrosion, making it a very durable system. 

Dune Core installations have prevented coastal erosion since their installation after Super Storm Sandy, including resisting Winter Storm Jonas.


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