Erosion Protection

There are many different types of erosion that can cause disasters, the first being erosion by elements such as wind, sun, and rain. Erosion from waves and water can eat away at the shoreline or erode a levee on the river’s side. Forest fires, which make the ground impervious as a result of the ash that mixes with the soil, create the other type of erosion.

In both cases, with significant rainfall, the water runoff cannot be contained by or soaked into the soil, increasing the potential for flooding or mudslides, but there are ways to protect, prevent, and slow down the erosion process, including building windbreakers, planting vegetation, and covering the soil with mulch. Erosion prevention and protection with windbreakers can be temporary or permanent using Barrier Force™ coastal erosion protection dune cores, which are made of a high-strength textile material aligned side by side in a continuous manner and filled with dirt, concrete, gravel, or other recommended fill material.