Environmental Needs

Barrier Force - Environmental-Protection photo

Chemical spills, sewage, and other liquid waste can be harmful to human health, other living organisms, and the environment, yet it is possible for a spill to happen in almost any city. If you or your business is involved with potentially harmful liquids, a pollution-control plan should be ready to execute at any time, and part of that plan can include pollution control and containment using the Barrier Force™ cellular containment system.

Sediment and mounds of mud resulting after a flood can contain contaminants that are hazardous to human health and the environment. Sometimes, mud and heavy sediment can be mixed with sewage matter or industrial chemicals, making proper containment and disposal especially critical, and there have reportedly been incidents where free-flowing storm water carried waste products, chemicals, and other pollutants into residential areas. Barrier Force™ barriers can be used to contain and control the flow of storm water.

If your business is involved in using, storing, or manufacturing liquids with possible environmental danger implications, then a spill-containment defense system should be part of your emergency response plan. The Barrier Force™ spill-containment system can help contain spills and protect your property against any devastating effects that an environmental spill may cause.

Environmental spill control and spill protection with a Barrier Force™ defense containment system is a quick and easy way to help you get a situation under control. Our high-strength bags are connected to form a continuous length of barrier, typically in 100-foot segments, which are then installed side by side to create any length of containment protection. The bags are mounted on a Man Portable Deployment Unit (MPDU) and filled with dirt, sand, or other recommended material and can also be stacked on top of each other to meet any height requirement.