Erosion Control Products

Barrier Force - Erosion-Control photo

Erosion is a natural process moving solids such as sediment, rock, and other particles from their original source to another location. This normally results from wind, water currents, melting snow, and sloping terrain, and while a certain amount of erosion is beneficial for the environment, exaggerated amounts due to human factors such as deforestation and construction need to be curtailed. Because of forest fires or other events, some areas are more prone to erosion than others, and should have erosion-control barriers installed to prevent unnecessary erosion.

Barrier Force™ containment systems provide a solid barrier for erosion control with rapidly deployable cellular containment systems used where a secure container barrier system is needed. Barrier Force™ erosion-control barriers can be temporary or permanent, and are filled with sand, dirt, or other recommended material while always remaining versatile and stackable to meet the height requirement of your projects. Barrier Force™ systems are also used to build earthquake-safe walls, safety barriers, water-control barriers, and gravity walls.