Gravity Retaining Walls

Barrier Force - Gravity-Wall photo

A gravity wall using the Barrier Force™ system prevents the downslope movement of soil or rocks that lead to significant damage to buildings, structures, and other property. Gravity retaining walls can be temporary when filled with dirt, sand, or other recommended material, but when you need a permanent gravity wall to hold back soil or rocks from causing damage to property, fill the Barrier Force containment system with cement. Walls made with the Barrier Force™ system prevent land erosion and can last for ten years or more, depending on the severity of the weather where they are installed.

Barrier Force™ gravity retaining walls are a series of high-strength, pentagon-shaped bags or cells manufactured side by side in 100-foot segments in an accordion-like fashion, making them easy to store, deploy, and fill. Barrier Force™ containment bags are placed on a Man Portable Deployment Unit (MPDU) and filled using an excavator on tracks or a front-end loader. Each segment is placed side by side to create any length desired and can be stacked on top of another to meet your height requirements. Barrier Force™ barriers have been used extensively in the United States wherever a secure containment system is needed for flood control, erosion control, and safety barriers.