Mudslide Containment Barriers

Mudslides develop when water rapidly collects in the ground, resulting in a surge of water-soaked rock, earth, and debris. Mudslides normally begin on steep slopes and are triggered by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tropical storms. Like a fast-moving landslide and typically caused by heavy rains, earthquakes, and storms, mudslides take place when water accumulates quickly on sloping ground. Preventing serious damage due to mudslides requires preparation.

A mudslide containment barrier that you can install quickly is the Barrier Force™ system, constructed of high-strength woven fabric in a pentagon shape that incorporates baffles and common partitions within the bag sections. Folded in an accordion style, the Barrier Force™ protective barriers are easy to deploy rapidly with our Man Portable Deployment Unit (MPDU) using minimal manpower. These temporary or permanent barriers can be filled with sand, dirt, cement, gravel, or other recommended materials based entirely on your needs. Installation is faster than using traditional sandbags and is more effective. Barrier Force™ protective barriers can be installed on top of all types of terrain as long as they are somewhat level. They are also useful for fighting floods and to ensure erosion control, environmental pollution control, and infrastructure protection.