Temporary Levees

Barrier Force - Temp-Levee photo

Levees are usually built by piling mounds of earth on a level surface and are typically broader at the base before tapering off to a narrower and level top. Levees require protection from erosion, often accomplished by planting vegetation to make the earth bind with roots of the vegetation. Erosion from water in the form of waves or currents is also a threat, but reinforcing the structure with Barrier Force™ containment barriers can prevent levee breaks.

Levee heights can easily be increased with the cost- and labor-efficient Barrier Force™ cellular containment barrier systems and can be used for levee armoring, levee elevating, retaining walls, and spill containment. Some states have implemented a levee repair program, by which experts identify areas where levees are damaged or weak. Levees are the target of wind and water erosion and should be carefully monitored to ensure their ability to contain an increase of water level, be it in a river or on the coast. These barriers are useful during the time period when levees require repairs but are impeded by bad weather and other conditions that hamper the repair process.

Barrier Force™ protective barriers are a fast and easy method to contain flooding. The bags are mounted on a Man Portable Deployment Unit and filled with dirt, sand, or other recommended material, depending on the needs of each client and whether the structure will be permanent or temporary. The Barrier Force™ system is a versatile and formidable structure for levee breaks.